Web of Honor® is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding academic achievement, particularly among students in high school, college and universities. We believe that students who excel in science, math, economics, history and other academic disciplines are too often unrecognized and unrewarded. As a result, our country has fallen behind those with whom we are in competition throughout the world. This situation is becoming dangerous and unacceptable if the United States is to remain the bastion of opportunity and freedom in the world.

It is imperative that we change the role models whom our students seek to emulate to inventors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, economists, academics and business leaders who discover, develop and supply new cures, new materials, energy efficiencies, better understanding of forces affecting our economy, and other products, services and understanding which provide jobs, benefits and opportunities for all members of society.

We will be inviting students who make the Honor Roll or Dean’s List at their schools, colleges and universities to become Members of Web of Honor®.

We are seeking Sponsors to reward Members of Web of Honor® by providing them with significant discounts on their products and services.

We are seeking successful people in business, research, science, medicine, engineering, economics, historical analysis and academia to act as Mentors to Members of Web of Honor®.

If you have an interest in joining in our efforts to encourage and provide benefits to students who achieve success in their academic pursuits, either as a Sponsor or Mentor, or in any other capacity, please email us at: webofhonor@outlook.com.